Thursday, March 6, 2014

IN-STORE: Ava Luna In-Store TONIGHT @ 6PM!

All the way from New York and performing live in our loft tonight at 6PM, don't miss Ava Luna!

This Brooklyn group first gained notoriety with the release of their first LP,  Ice Level in 2012, garnering them significant buzz in NY and beyond for the album's heady mix of art-funk harmonies and experimental tangents. After months of relentless touring, Ava Luna returned to the studio to record their newest release Electric Balloon, which came out Tuesday and features more focused songwriting and hooks, priming Ava Luna for a break into the big time. We're all about their weird brand of musical alchemy here at OV and we couldn't be happier to have them up in our loft tonight at 6PM!

So come on down to the shop tonight and get your groove on with us! We dance just as weird as you, don't worry! If you wanna practice your moves, give a listen to Electric Balloon single "PRPL" below and we'll see you tonight at 6!

1 comment:

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