Sunday, June 1, 2014

IN-STORE: Charly Bliss TONIGHT @ 5PM!

Tonight at 5PM, Charly Bliss will be performing up in our loft!

Hailing from the other coast, Charly Bliss bring an interesting facet to the recent resurgence of 90s rock that's been taking over underground scenes recently. Self-described as bubble-grunge, Charly Bliss tighten up grunge to its hard-rock core and mix in a healthy dose of power pop that hits much heavier than its contemporaries. Matched up with the raggedly powerful vocals of lead singer Eva Hendricks and Charly Bliss find a sound that rocks as hard as it reminisces. One could say it's like Charly Bliss purposefully stay right on the tip of your tongue. We dig it.

So come on down to OV tonight at 5PM to support these awesome East Coast rockers in support of their very first West Coast tour! For a sneak peek, snag a listen to their single "Clean" below! See you soon!

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