Friday, June 27, 2014

IN-STORE: Agender TONIGHT @ 5:30PM!

Come check out Agender at 5:30PM TONIGHT in our loft!

Melbourne based synth-punk three-piece, Agender, just released their sophomore album, FIXATIONS off of Desire Records. The label describes Agender’s sound as schitzo synthy paranoid punk…I concur. Tunes like “Modern Lovers” edge on the sparse side pairing airy, treble-high synths with sneering vocals while “Mani Pedi” rubs its way into your ears with its raw guitar jangle and manic chorus. On this record, the band claims to be interested in “exploring the desperate/disparate nature of queerness, gender and sexuality and dysmorphic desire.” Frankly, I applaud them for putting such sensitive and relevant subject matter on the table!

So come hang out and dig this in-store performance tonight at 5:30PM and in the meantime, check out “Modern Lovers” below!

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