Monday, June 9, 2014

OV WEEKLY: June Better Not Miss This Week At Origami!

How could you possibly have a bad Monday with that face? We haven't been able to, and with another edition of OV Weekly, things are going pretty darn good. 

Monday, June 9th
Joel Jerome & Babies On Acid Residency @ The Echo!

Recent converts to the fight against June Gloom, Joel Jerome & Babies On Acid are here to save your Monday nights with their June residency at The Echo! Self-described as "experimental thriftstore folk," Joel & company focus their collective cosmic forces on songwriting and melody with dynamic arrangements and trans-genre instrumentation that are like, way catchy. Hailing from the South Bay and flitting between a mishmash of genres and styles, these dudes pound out pop hooks and rhythms that'll rocket them up every mixtape you make from now until forever. We dig their stuff and thing you will too, so come get all comfy-psych with us tonight at The Echo! We can shimmy or shamble or just chill all night long!

Tuesday, June 10th
New Releases Please! Record Club!

Things are feeling rather special on the new release front. Which is probably cause we've got a slew of limited edition swag in stock that'll be ready for consumption tomorrow morning! You'll have to check the blog for the full deets, but it'll be worth it. Speaking of limited edition, if you want some special stuff now, there's plenty in our online shop.

Once you pick up all that kickass vinyl, why not bring it to Record Club tonight at El Prado? As always, we're gonna be playing your LPs all night long and would love to see some limited stuff to come through. Just so we can be cool like y'all. Plus we'll be giving away tickets to Yip Deceiver at The Roxy!

Wednesday, June 11th
Eels + Chelsea Wolfe @ Orpheum Theatre!

Remember when we had all that crazy mint Eels wax in? We still have dreams about it here in the shop, but nothing really compares to seeing Mark Everett and company live. Which is why you'll find us crying silently and happily at the Orpheum Theatre when the Eels roll through L.A tonight! Especially because the amazing Chelsea Wolfe will be opening and there's the possibility of a Steve Perry sighting. Ugh, we're just a bundle of emotions over here.

Thursday, June 12th
Festival Supreme Tickets!

Did you know? OV is selling tickets to the stupidly awesome 2014 edition of Festival Supreme! Featuring everyone from Cheech & Chong to Peaches, we're ready to laugh and dance and hang with all of you come October time, but to be there, you gotta get tickets! We've got 'em without all those pesky online fees, so roll on down to OV today and get ready for Festival Supreme!

Friday, June 13th
The Times @ The Ace Hotel!

Even though Neil has like, totally abandoned us, we still think he's pretty cool. One of the cool things he does is curate a weekly vinyl DJ extravaganza Upstairs @ The Ace Hotel featuring Chris Ziegler, DJ Soft Touch, Frosty, Mukta Mohan, Nick Waterhouse, Steve Harrington, The Gaslamp Killer and himself! It's a awesome night of music and partying and if you're looking to get your rooftop bar on this Friday then look no further!

Giveaways This Week!
Yann Tiersen / NO @ Fonda Theatre 6/20 - 1 ticket comes with the purchase of Yann Tiersen's newest LP Infinity or NO's newest LP El Prado!
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ Troubadour 8/7 - 1 ticket comes with the purchase of CYHSY's newest LP Only Run!

Keep an eye on our Twitter/Facebook for future giveaways!

Now that we've planned your week, you better come over. We're lonely without you!

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