Saturday, June 28, 2014

IN-STORE: Yesway & Range of Light Wilderness TONIGHT @ 6PM!

Tonight at 6PM, Yesway will be performing up in our loft along with The Range of Light Wilderness!

Gauzy, hypnotic and intimate, Yesway's self-titled debut is the work of two Bay area experimental folk mainstays, Emily Ritz and Kacey Johansing. Backed by vibraphonist Andrew Maguire, Emily and Kacey layer their powerhouse vocals over slithering compositions, creating a mix of avant-garde and vocal virtuosity that calls to mind Dirty Projectors gone folk. Spurred by a recent move out of the city into sleepy NorCal beach towns, Yesway perfectly embodies the mystic swirl of coastal fog and powerful waves that surround their practice spaces. On tour supporting their newest LP Yesway, we are so excited to see these two ladies tear it up in our loft tonight!

BUT beforehand, check out a set by The Range of Light Wilderness! The Range of Light exist to make you feel like that old beach blanket in your trunk might really be a magic carpet. Featuring hushed and melodically magical folk-pop, their music invites you take that blanket and go for a sandy ride in the sky. Born from afternoons in Big Sur, The Range of Light Wilderness will be taking us on moonlight journey tonight at 6PM. Which sounds goddamn wonderful.

While the fun gets started at 6PM, feel free to get your groove going early with Yesway's first single "Howlin' Face" below! See you soon!

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