Monday, June 2, 2014

OV WEEKLY: Whatcha Gonna June About It?

Is it socially unacceptable to take cooler baths? If so, why? Cause we really want to this week. Especially fully stocked coolers. 

Monday, June 2nd
Joel Jerome & Babies On Acid Residency @ The Echo!

Recent converts to the fight against June Gloom, Joel Jerome & Babies On Acid are here to save your Monday nights with their June residency at The Echo! Self-described as "experimental thriftstore folk," Joel & company focus their collective cosmic forces on songwriting and melody with dynamic arrangements and trans-genre instrumentation that are like, way catchy. Hailing from the South Bay and flitting between a mishmash of genres and styles, these dudes pound out pop hooks and rhythms that'll rocket them up every mixtape you make from now until forever. We dig their stuff and thing you will too, so come get all comfy-psych with us tonight at The Echo! We can shimmy or shamble or just chill all night long!

Tuesday, June 3rd
New Releases Are A Big Secret! Record Club!

We're all quiet on the new release front this week, cause we enjoy some ~mystery~ every now and then. Plus, we don't want to spoil you. So stay tuned to the blog tomorrow morning for all our new release goodness! It's for your own good, we promise.

Want to know what else is good for your health? Record Club DUH! As always, we're gonna be playing your wax all night long and maybe you can surprise us with one of our own surprises! Which sounds kinda weird, but we'll go with it. See you at 9!

Wednesday, June 4th
Kelis @ The El Rey + Giveaway!

2003 was a good year. Kelis' "Milkshake" is evidence enough. 2014 is a good year. Kelis' newest single "Rumble" is also evidence enough. We suggest you experience both songs by entering our giveaway for tickets to see her this Wednesday at the El Rey! Just share this post on Twitter, tag @origamivinyl, and get ready to get that booty shaking. It's like leg day and a concert all rolled into one!

Thursday, June 5th
tUnE-yArDs @ The Fonda!

You know that Thursday night feeling where it's like, "I should go out but then I don't wanna exhaust myself for Friday night"? Merrill Garbus is hearing none of that. The eternal firecracker and creative spirit behind tUnE-yArDs, this awesome lady will be screaming and looping and rocking The Fonda all night long tonight and we really think you should be there. Her newest album, Nikki Nack, is a an absolutely joyous shout of an album, grooving and funking all over the place. Which is exactly what your Thursday night needs. So come get your dance on with us tonight at The Fonda!

Saturday, June 7th
OV + Eat | See | Hear Present Rushmore & Thieves @ The Autry!

As part of Eat | See | Hear's incredible Summer lineup of awesome things to do in L.A, we are super stoked to help present tonight's screening of Rushmore with musical support Thieves! A formative movie (for at least one member of OV), Wes Anderson's revitalization of Bill Murray's career and introduction of Jason Schwartzman as Max Fischer was a service to the world over, and you owe it to yourself to see it on the big screen tonight in Griffith Park! Supporting Rushmore, Echo Park locals THIEVES will be getting your night started with their awesome blend of harmonies, synths and post-punk goodness. We are in favor of you getting the entire experience, so you better get there at 7PM for THIEVES and Rushmore!

Sunday, June 8th
Dub Thompson In-Store!

Natives of Agoura Hills, you wouldn't normally associate the trippy psych-garage sounds of Dub Thompson with their place of origin, but guitarist Matt Pulos and drummer Evan Laffer don't mind. Their brand of music exists in another plan of existence anyways. Touring in support of their newest album 9 Songs (Dead Oceans) we're super excited to have Dub Thompson up in our loft tonight at 7PM!

Giveaways This Week!
Yann Tiersen / NO @ El Rey 6/20 - 1 ticket comes with the purchase of Yann Tiersen's newest LP Infinity or NO's newest LP El Prado!

Keep an eye on our Twitter/Facebook for future giveaways!

Now that we've planned your week, enjoy this nugget of wisdom from our man, Bill Murray.

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