Monday, June 23, 2014

OV WEEKLY: Too Much Good Stuff

Our resting emotion/state of mind is pictured above. When we get excited there's just more bubbles. If this week at OV were represented in this picture, there would be bubbles EVERYWHERE.

Monday, June 23rd
Joel Jerome & Babies On Acid Residency @ The Echo!

Recent converts to the fight against June Gloom, Joel Jerome & Babies On Acid are here to save your Monday nights with their June residency at The Echo! Self-described as "experimental thriftstore folk," Joel & company focus their collective cosmic forces on songwriting and melody with dynamic arrangements and trans-genre instrumentation that are like, way catchy. Hailing from the South Bay and flitting between a mishmash of genres and styles, these dudes pound out pop hooks and rhythms that'll rocket them up every mixtape you make from now until forever. We dig their stuff and thing you will too, so come get all comfy-psych with us tonight at The Echo! We can shimmy or shamble or just chill all night long!

Tuesday, June 24th
Reissuing Our Love Of New Releases! Record Club @ El Prado!

We might not understand that whole #tbt thing, but we do know how to get you the best LP reissues here at OV! For example, this week's reissue lineup includes: Slint, Sufjan, Gram Parsons, OM and even more that we don't want to reveal just yet. Yeah, that's how many we've got. While some are available for preorder on our online shop, most of these babies are gonna fly out the door Tuesday morning, so y'all better check the blog in the AM if you wanna get that warm reissue feeling!

Once you let the nostalgia wash over you, come on down to Record Club and reminisce with us! To make things even sweeter, we've got a stupid amount of tickets to give away over the next couple weeks. We don't wanna give everything away, but you can expect giveaways for artists like Anamanguchi, Fucked Up, The Hold Steady and many, many more. It's gonna be a crazy couple weeks!

Wednesday, June 25th
Prepare Yourself For U.S World Cup Domination!

Yeah the game's tomorrow, but we suggest you get a full 24hrs of pumped-upness in before the big day comes!

Thursday, June 26th
Pure X @ The Echo!

So uh, dunno if you noticed, but this weekend is an absolutely crazy one for live music. The good stuff gets started Thursday when Pure X plays The Echo, and it continues allll weekend long baby. A recent fave of Christine's and a perfect album for lazy summer days, Pure X's Angel has been worming it's way into our regular rotation at the shop and we're definitely gonna be getting down to it tonight at The Echo! So come shimmy and sway with us tonight at 8PM!

Friday, June 27th
AGENDER In-Store @ 5:30PM! OV Presents Bleached @ The Echoplex!

And so it begins - a weekend of pure OV-awesomeness. Check out the crazy below.

Melbourne based synth-punk three-piece, AGENDER, just released their sophomore album, Fixations off of Desire Records and are celebrating by rocking our shop tonight at 5:30PM! Their label describes AGENDER’s sound as schitzo synthy paranoid punk and we concur. Tunes like “Modern Lovers” edge on the sparse side, pairing airy, treble-high synths with sneering vocals while “Mani Pedi” rubs its way into your ears with its raw guitar jangle and manic chorus. We dig it. Check 'em out with us tonight at 5:30!

After AGENDER, head on down to the Echoplex at 8PM to catch Bleached, Zig Zags & Audacity!
Authors of last year's awesome LP Ride Your Heart, Bleached make darn good, pepped-up post-punk that'll get you sweaty quick. Featuring bright and rowdy guitars that gather up the best parts of an L.A. disposition, we're so proud to present these awesome girls set tonight at the Echoplex! You'll catch us in the back doing our rock 'n' roll thing. Feel free to join us and slap some high fives!

Saturday, June 28th
Yesway + The Range Of Light Wilderness In-Store @ 6PM! OV Presents Sharon Van Etten @ El Rey!

And the hits keep on coming!

Things get started at OV tonight at 6PM, when Yesway & The Range of Light Wilderness bestow our loft with their crazy good folk-goodness!

First up, The Range of Light Wilderness exist to make you feel like that old beach blanket in your trunk might really be a magic carpet. Featuring hushed and melodically magical folk-pop, their music invites you take that blanket and go for a sandy ride in the sky. Born from afternoons in Big Sur, The Range of Light Wilderness will be taking us on moonlight journey tonight at 6PM. Which sounds goddamn wonderful.

Not one to stop a magic carpet ride, Yesway's set afterwards looks to continue the good vibes their gauzy and hypnotic sounds. The band's self-titled debut is the work of two Bay area experimental folk mainstays, Emily Ritz and Kacey Johansing. Backed by vibraphonist Andrew Maguire, Emily and Kacey layer their powerhouse vocals over slithering compositions, creating a mix of avant-garde and vocal virtuosity that calls to mind Dirty Projectors gone folk. On tour supporting their newest LP, Yesway, we are so excited to see these two ladies tear it up in our loft alongside The Range of Light Wilderness!

After that, OV is presenting Sharon Van Etten at the El Rey! Holy moly!

We’ve come to know Sharon Van Etten as our emotional advocate - the sweet voice behind the bitter medicine that reminds us, “Sometimes things are messed up and that’s alright, so what’s next.” This sentiment comes through in spades throughout her newest LP, Are We There, which is as beautiful as it is brooding, encompassing the strange tension of willing fragility that comes with love. Sharon's always been a fave in the OV shop, so we're extra stoked to see what she'll bring tonight when she takes over the El Rey! Speaking of which, we're probably gonna need a shoulder to cry on during SVE's set, so we'd be real happy if you were there to support us. Please?

Sunday, June 29th
Woman's Hour Album Premiere Party @ 1PM!

Woman's Hour are not your average band. The first clue comes in the name of the London-based swoon-pop four-piece, taken from a beloved female-focused news and culture show on BBC Radio 4. The second is in their graphic, striking monochrome visuals, meticulously curated in collaboration with TATE and MOMA certified artists Oliver Chanarin and Adam Broomberg. These visuals play with shape and texture, much like their powerful, iridescent music. Calling to mind the intricate construction of The xx and the shimmer of summer-defining indie pop, we can't wait to premiere these UK maestros' newest album Conversations before its release July 14th! So come grab a glimpse of the future this Sunday at OV when we break Woman's Hour to U.S ears! See you at 1PM!

Giveaways This Week!
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ Troubadour 8/7 - 1 ticket comes with the purchase of CYHSY's newest LP Only Run!

Keep an eye on our Twitter/Facebook for future giveaways!

Now that we've planned your week, get some sleep so you can go crazy this weekend with us! OV heartily endorses naps.

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