Monday, June 20, 2011

The Growlers Perform "Gay Thoughts" on Record Store Day, April 16th 2011

On April 16th, 2011 vinyl aficionados across the country flocked to their local record stores in celebration of Record Store Day to show their support of independent music retailers and hopefully get lucky enough to snag a copy of one of the many limited edition EP's that go on sale in celebration of the event.

Here at Origami Vinyl in Echo Park, RSD was rung in with a series of live performances and the special release of dozens of limited pressings. One of these discs was the 7" of "Gay Thoughts" by LA outfit The Growlers. The band descended onto the loft to play a full set, including the title track off their new 7". The store was packed to the gills, with scores of fans spilling out onto the streets in a mosh pit that only ended after the third encore.

Brooks, the Growlers front man, played a dangerous game throughout as he danced close to the edge of stage, ignoring the potential for a two-story drop onto the crowd below. A metaphor for the band's barely-maintained sense of propriety? Or a functioning example of a band that finds its center on the edge of reason?

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