Sunday, June 12, 2011

In-Stores: The Week Ahead!!

We work hard to keep lots of great music coming through our doors both recorded and live. Well this week is no different...Here's a heads up on some great in-stores you won't want to miss.

Fists up for first up! Friday, June 17th at 7pm join us to celebrate the release of 'Hark! And Other Lost Transmissions' by Miracle Parade. Miracle Parade began in 2010 as a studio experiment for Christopher Pappas and has since evolved into a full-fledged alter ego for the singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist. After recording some bedroom demos Miracle Parade caught the ear of Rilo Kiley’s bassist Pierre de Reeder, who then signed Miracle Parade to his label, Little Record Company.

At his core, Miracle Parade’s Pappas is a storyteller whose fables explore the choices we make and the things we leave behind. The physicist who spends his life building a time machine so he can go back and not waste his life building a time machine (“The Dying Physicist”), The open letter to the son he never had because he chose the life of a traveling musician (“Son Son (Son)”), The love for a girl who refused to let herself love (“Change of Heart”).
Ultimately, these songs are the recorded histories of our collective story, as told through the jangled guitars and hushed melodies of an relentless alchemist who takes the pangs of regret and spins it into something beautiful. “Hark!…” is a time capsule created as an apology to all the potential lives left behind and as a celebration of the one that remains, transmitted to the universe, calling out: “Is anyone there?”

Heads up second up!! Saturday, June 18th at 7pm is the smashing double header of The One AM Radio + DREAMtapes, both hot on the heels of new releases.
The One AM Radio just released their second full length 'Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread' on Dangerbird. For Hrishikesh Hirway, the heart of The One AM Radio, the new LP is about living on the fumes of dreams and hopes, which also happen to be what the plastic city of Los Angeles is built on, and what it is constantly confirming—and betraying. At one point, Hrishikesh’s idea was to make a dance record, and now, he admits, that’s not really how it turned out. But the album does make you want to move, to run, to get in the car and drive fast through the empty city in the middle of the night — to remember how tenuous the hold is on all the things you have, and want, and long for.

DREAMtapes is the pet project turned reality of Estelle Raskina and her team of talented bandmates. Dreamtapes are a, yes, dreamy, jangly new L.A. act who is celebrating the release of their first EP 'I Disappear' out now on Manimal. Dreamtapes is Estelle Raskina, Rachel Glassberg, Yosuke Kitazawa & Tim Phillips. That's all you need to know.

Lastly but not leastly!!! Sunday, June 18th at 7pm is Minneapolis baroque-punk trio BruteHeart. Crystal Brinkman, Jackie Beckey and Crystal Myslajek of BruteHeart make an on-the-hunt sound that's the same as feeling as if every inch of your skin was pulling against its glue, separating itself from the hairs and pores. The Minneapolis band takes its stringed instruments into harm's way, leading them into dark alleys, out into the night, into fields that have all of your sensory organs tingling as you feel as if you just must be standing on a grave right now. Something, some bones, must be tossing and turning below the dirt down there. It's something. It's gotta be something. Or someone's tailing you, not all that far behind, getting closer, but staying out of sight, for now, building the suspense into a real storm. It could just be an ice storm. That might be what's impending, what's bearing down on us - the winds changing, the cold front getting colder and suddenly we're walking on slippery footing, falling and smashing our hip and elbow. BruteHeart music could be described as a sexy birdcall to all ravens, enticing them in with some active percussive work and the echoing swan song of lost and dead lovers, rattling out across the open sky, wandering like a ragged and tired gypsy. The spirits of these loves are warm and cold at the same time, flickering like shaky candles, but offering orangey goodness in an oval-shaped reflection on the wall. Brinkman, Beckey and Myslajek, the way their three vocals weave and mix together, is heavenly and you can pick out the differences, even as they seem to meld. There are instances where one sounds a bit more like Joanna Newsom and then another sounds like something closer to Grace Slick and yet all put together, it sounds like a twisted, haunted take on Andrew Bird territory. (Daytrotter) Check out their Daytrotter session here and grab a copy of their latest 'Lonely Hunter' out now on Soft Abuse.

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