Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Neil's Playlist From His KXSC DJ Set

Hey All!
Hope you were able to tune in last night to my guest radio appearance on KXSC. If not, I have provided my playlist below. Hope you like the tunes!

1. Superhumanoids "Mikelah" (White Iris)

2. Future Ghost "Boys In The Attic" (DEMO) (Origami Vinyl)
Future Ghost "Boys In The Attic" (DEMO) by OrigamiVinyl

3. Dante Vs Zombies "The Bible Belt"
Dante Vs Zombies "The Bible Belt" by OrigamiVinyl

4. Twilight Sleep "Dormant Frenzy"
Download or stream not available at this time :(

5. Black Flamingo "Proud Head"
Black Flamingo - Proud Head by OrigamiVinyl

6. Crystal Antlers "Summer Solstice"
Crystal Antlers - Summer Solstice by One Thirty BPM

7. Kissing Cousins "You Bring Me Down"

Kissing Cousins-You Bring Me Down-Official Music Video from Kissing Cousins on Vimeo.

8. Polls "Careful Way"
POLLS - Careful Way by jaxart

9. Princeton feat. Active Child "The Electrician"

Princeton: "The Electrician (Feat. Active Child)" from Hit City U.S.A. on Vimeo.

10. Dreamtapes "I Disappear"

11. Fools Gold "Street Clothes"

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