Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Since their inception, Venturans Tall Tales and the Silver Lining have been crafting seamless, picturesque pop rock that speaks strongly to their environment. Even awash in brushed drums and twangy guitar tones, Tall Tales’ songs call out to their West Coast roots: breezy, warm, and rich in ’60s Cali folk nods. For Nice to Meet You Again, the band is, at first glance, up to their old tricks again; “Dyed in the Wool” leads things off with frontman Trevor Beld-Jimenez’s familiar, cheerful speak-sing. But as Meet You progresses, so do its sonic tricks: “Into the Fray” boasts a funky, Black Keys-esque bass line; “Show Me,” a galloping drum roll straight out of the Old West. Even better, these sonic stretches don’t detract from Beld-Jimenez’s lyrics, which remain as heartfelt, imaginative, and sweetly nostalgic as ever. (Aly Comingore)

Trevor and cohorts play at 7pm on Wednesday, June 29th and snag yourself up a copy of their fantastic new album.

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