Monday, June 6, 2011

OV Presents Fucked Up "David Comes To Life" + Dante Vs Zombies June Rezzie TONIGHT!

Tonight is super rad. super special. and lots of great things are gonna happen. we think you may want to just come out and see. You may be sorry when you wake up tomorrow only to hear about all the fun we had and you weren't there to experience it.

The place all this crazy shit is gonna go down: The Echo 1822 Sunset Blvd in Echo Park

The times in which crazy things mentioned below will go down:
- 9pm: Doors open. Matt, Sean, and Neil start rocking the back patio with records. Peg Leg Love plays inside

- 10pm: OV kicks off the Fucked Up "David Comes to Life" Premiere party out on the back patio. We'll be playing the album in its entirety. And selling it after. It is a hardcore band doing a rock opera and it's not to be missed. Also at this time John Carpenter will be playing inside

- 11pm: Dante Vs Zombies, one of OVs favorite local bands, plays their first of 4 sets in the month of June. They could be the most enticing live band around right now. If you can't make it tonight, do yourself a favor and come out at least one of these Mondays. Also at this time, us OV boys will be providing some lovely ear candy out on the back patio.

- Midnight: "Casual Knowledge" plays the midnight slot inside. Who is Casual Knowledge you may ask? Well that is the fun of it right? you don't know. We do, and you will be sorry if decide to stay in. Let's just say there could be a conga line going through the venue once they come on. It's gonna be INSANE.

The price of admission for all of this? FREE

Hope you rested up during the weekend!


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