Sunday, October 25, 2009

7 and 7 is...

A Love song! Thank you Ashley from Jaxart for dropping off Henry Clay People 7-inches! This is one of the best local bands in my opinion, and they put on a great live show. So get familiar with these tunes, and also check out their as-yet CD-only full-length "For Cheap or For Free." And next time they play I will see you there!


Henry Clay People "Working Part Time" 7"

David Bazan (Pedro the Lion) put out a cool 7-inch with classic covers on it. This is that euphoric Dylan tune featured in "The Big Lebowski." Tasty like hyena.

David Bazan "The Man In Me" b/w "Hallelujah" 7"

Also, did you know that Grizzly Bear put out a 7" featuring Michael McDonald? Yep, he's on the B-side singing "While You Wait For the Others." You know what's even weirder? It's awesome. We have that too, so think about it.

Have a great rest 'o the weekend.



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