Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Adds & Restock for 10/27

Between Dischord & all of the local bands dropping off their stuff it's a DIY feast in here.

Come and get it!!!

Fugazi – 3 Songs 7”
Fugazi – 7 Songs
Fugazi – End Hits
Fugazi – Margin Walker
Fugazi – Red Medicine
Fugazi – Steady Diet Of Nothing
Fugazi – The Argument
Jubilee – In With The Out Crowd 7”
Jubilee – Rebel Hiss 7” (Ltd. Tour Single)
Languis – Unithematic
Michael Nhat – S/T
Minor Threat – First Demo Tape 7”
Minor Threat – Out Of Step
Minor Threat – Salad Days 7”
Psychic Powers – You Can't Hide Your Love Forever 4 7"
Q And Not U – Different Damage
Q And Not U – No Kill No Beep Beep
The Nation Of Ulysses – 13-Point Program To Destroy America

Also, while we have them, if you grab a copy of the Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack you will receive a free Karen O & The Kids - All Is Love 7" single. We love Carol.

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