Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Adds & Restocks 10/29/09

Hey all! Come open the vinyl tap and see all the new colors that come out:

Akron/Family- Set ‘em Wild, Set ‘em Free
Boris- Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol.2
Call and Response- s/t
CANT (Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear)/Arthur Russell split 7”
Cococoma- Things Are Not Alright
Crime- San Francisco's Still Doomed
Explosions In the Sky- The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place
Flight Of The Conchords - S/T
Fuck Buttons- Tarot Sport
Jello Biafra- The Audacity of Hype
Joseph Spence- Bahaman Guitarist (Mississippi Records)
Michael Hurley- Parsnip Snips (Mississippi Records)
Oh Sees/Paul Cary Split 7"
Psychic Ills- Mirror Eye
Slaraffenland- We’re On Your Side
Sparklehorse & Fennesz-In the Fishtank 15
Starfucker- Burnin' Up 7"
Starfucker- s/t
Starfucker- Jupiter
The Appleseed Cast- Two Conversations
The Bats- Don't You Rise 7"
The Mother Hips- Pacific Dust
The Mother Hips- Red Tandy 7"
The Mother Hips- The Bees 7”
The Sight Below- Murmur EP
The Spits- Fourth Self-Titled Album
Tropa Macaca- Sensacao Do Principio
Various Artists- Dirty French Psychedelics
Various Artists- Mortika (Mississippi Records)
Volcano Choir - Unmap
Yoga- Megafauna

And also: The Antlers live on the Ledge (that's in our store) tonight at 7pm! Free dollars!

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  1. Awesome, you got the new Yoga album!!!