Friday, October 9, 2009

Tonight @ the Origami Vinyl Loft...GOSPEL GOSSIP!!!

We are very excited to announce Gospel Gossip from Minnesota @ 7pm tonight! We will also have some free Tecate for those of age...

Here's what peeps have been saying!

Pitchfork Media
"certainly flawed"

Redefine Magazine
"Sing Into My Mouth is full of whimsical bridges that burst into a dancing climax. This album will keep you on your feet or, at the very least, will keep you smiling. The band is so in sync that the album seems flawless."

Space City Rock
"It's a total absence of regard for boundaries but still very defined in what it is. That's the overall feeling of Sing Into My Mouth, that it defies its own shoegazer label to be something that can be truly awesome"

Bitch Magazine
"It's fuzzy, pretty, and uberrhythmic—that midtempo, incredibly danceable pop that Fugazi and Nation of Ulysses popularized in Washington D.C., in the early '90s. Lead singer Sarah Nienaber does a remarkable job evoking her forebears."

Mustang Daily
"Listening to Gospel Gossip is like finding a 20 in the wash. Actually, scratch that - it's like finding a kilo of Columbian non-dairy creamer in the wash."

The Big Takeover
"Sarah Nienaber's vocals are somewhere between a Mazzy Star delicacy and a Siouxsie Sioux sexuality. Now picture those vocals floating on a mix of goth wave tribal roll and No Wave noise distortion, but tied together in a melodic-pop picnic basket. It's hard to think of anything that's more fun to listen to right now."

City Pages - Best New Band
"Drawing on old-soul pop awareness they must have accrued in their past lives, these wunderkinds have made a high-wattage debut that harkens to the finer, headier days when brainiacs like the Velvet Underground and New Order were called party music."

Reveille Magazine
"Most great albums require multiple spins in order to truly grasp the scope of where they're going. Gospel Gossip’s debut, Sing Into My Mouth is no exception. Its 13 tracks range from well-developed songs to short Casio-keyboard drumbeat ditties to gritty, distortion-based instrumentals. Ultimately, the 45 minutes of shoegaze fuzz from these Northfield-based musicians is filled with promise."

City Pages - Gospel Gossip Interstate Transport and Shoegaze, Ltd.
"Sing into My Mouth is an auspicious debut, a record that feels like a harbinger of bigger, hairier, more sprawling albums to come, and thus a record that future fans can hold up as the beginning of something brilliant, should it work out that way."

Star Tribune
"...the quartet has become yet another band of shockingly young newcomers playing refreshingly ageless rock music..."

"But one can clearly tell from the life and energy bursting from these tracks that Sing Into My Mouth is anything but complacent. These songs start off in a simple fashion and then slowly, steadily, they add more parts and melodies until the inevitable anthemic climax. By that point, whether it's the build-up to synth lines in "Revolution In Physics" and "Wind" or the jangly coda of "Shadows Are Bent", one feels as if they, with the band, are engaging in what alcoholic musicians might call a sonic moment of clarity."

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