Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I AM that man!!!

Yes, it's true. I am making a special transmission from a galaxy far, far away, known as... New York City! Harlem, to be exact. And this galaxy rules!

As I previously mentioned, I play in a rock and roll outfit called The Parson Red Heads. You can peep that ice here (myspace.com/redheads). We are on our first east coast tour and I am here to keep any Red Heads Heads and/or Origamites updated on our adventures.

We've been playing shows with our good friends The Roadside Graves, an excellent band from these parts. We played their hometown's local indie bookstore, The Raconteur- what a great, relaxing evening! Many familiar faces as well as friendly new ones, all chilling out with a beer and enjoying the (mostly) acoustic show. The performance was followed by a party down the street at Graves drummer Colin's place. Rowdy singalongs on the upright piano, fiddle, guitars, etc. were so much fun (thanks, Jeremy!). We drank, sang, and made merriment until late into the night, and...ended up watching Teen Wolf. The perfect night-cap!

We've played a couple shows in New York now, one at Lit Lounge and last night at Googie's. Both have been excellent! Our folky local friend Linda Draper played the show with us last night- she is so talented and kind! Our set was another mellow one, which is common if you're performing as a three piece acoustic/electric act:) We just had wine glasses on a little stool by the microphones, played our harmony-driven songs for a few friends, and had a lovely time. After us a few more people showed up (looking a bit like the cast of Rent), and Grace McClean took the stage. You'll have to look her up- I'm not sure I have the words to describe such a...unique performer!

The next couple days will be spent in Brooklyn and the surrounding area. Tonight we get to play Union Hall with Hymns and Ladybug Transistor! We are looking forward to it. Before the show we're going to go explore with our city-savvy friends. Record shops, vegan diners, central parks, and the spirit of New York!


Sam,, Brette, Evan

Ps- I took lots of pictures! And they're on their way. I also have video of Roadside Graves playing in the bookstore! I'm going to try and post that in the next couple days, when I bring the necessary cables up to the apartment we're staying in. Wow! People shouting really hard at each other! Harlem is intense! Oh that reminds me: once in awhile people totally peg us for west coasters:)

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