Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Road Report 2: NYC mayhem

I just wanted to give this little post a big movie title:) Greetings again from New York! Last week we (the Parson Red Heads) left cozy Echo Park for our first east coast tour. After playing New Jersey with Roadside Graves and getting our first taste of NYC, the tour continued with more shows and exploration in the big city.

After Googie's lounge on Monday we took the train to Central Park and walked about, visiting the ever-powerful, emotionally evocative John Lennon "Imagine" tribute. It was tasteful, you know? We dug it. That evening we made our way to Park Slope and found Union Hall, where we were treated so well! What an accommodating venue- a cozy fireplace and bookcases, great food and drinks, and an excellent music hall. We opened for the kindest bands in Brooklyn- Hymns and Ladybug Transistor- which were both a pleasure to watch performing to the home crowd. After the show we hung out with a man named Jessie, whose dad was in The Raspberries. Neat! And Adrian Grenier, the star of Entourage, bought our cds. He was a nice guy. After the show was another subway ride (we all like the subway!) back to Harlem, to our friend Jeremy's apartment. And, instead of going straight to bed and fighting jet lag, we put on Starship Troopers. Oh, baby!

Well! Today it's more exploration! We're going to record stores today, and getting some of those famous New York bagels. We're playing a special 7pm set tonight at Arlene's Grocery, and tomorrow at Northern Kingdom with Brittain Ashford. Come get a glass of wine and enjoy the mellow, harmony-laden folkery! And if you're feeling adventuresome come to Philadelphia on Friday- we're playing with east coast greats: The Roadside Graves and Cotton Jones, at the M Room. See you there, yeah?

ps- pictures will be posted on this blog when I get to a super-computer, or when I find someone to help me with that. I'm no techno-ace! But we have some good ones, and movies too!

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