Thursday, November 15, 2012

FRIDAY: TYPHOON in-store acoustic set at 4PM!

Hey there!

Join us this Friday, November 16th at 4PM as Typhoon plays a FREE, special in-store acoustic performance before their show later Friday night at the Echo!  What could be better?  Get close and personal with Typhoon during their special acoustic set at Origami, maybe grab some pizza and beer next door afterwards, and then mosey on down a few yards to the Echo for their full set complete with trumpets, strings, tambourines, and warm arrangements that this gem of a band is known for.

Typhoon is an Oregon-based band consisting of a group of friends who create songs that they claim "ought to be burned or buried" for being so personal.  Packing the stage with more than ten members of the band at once during shows, Typhoon's live sets are something of a spectacle--this band turns "what starts out as solemn, solitary [experience]...into something both communal and cathartic."

Don't miss this FREE in-store acoustic performance! Their show at the Echo is not free, BUT you can buy tickets at Origami before you enjoy their in-store performance (so convenient)!  How often do you get to see both the raw, stripped down acoustic side AND the plugged-in, live chaos of a band--all in ONE night? Yeah, so...see you Friday at 4!

In the meantime, check out this video of Typhoon's live performance of "Common Sentiment" at WFUV and get pumped for tomorrow...I assure you, your ears will be pleased.

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