Friday, November 9, 2012

TONIGHT: William Pilgrim and the All Grows Up in-store acoustic set @ 7pm

If your soul has been searching for a little country blusey sound, look no further. TONIGHT at Origami Vinyl William Pilgrim and the All Grows Up is playing in-store at 7pm! Always free, always all ages.

On the heels of the election and just before Thanksgiving, the self-taught musician, William Pilgrim, continues the American theme with a style that's grounded in American roots. The newly released album, The Great Recession on Moonlight Graham Records "offers up a powerful blend of blues, folk, and roots rock that forms an emotional musical pastiche of a modern society fallen on hard times." The album may have sad undertones but the delivery and strong country beat comfort you 'cuz there's nothing like singin' the blues with yo friends. 

You'll be line dancing in no time after you watch the video for the single, "Farewell". Pop in to OV at 7pm to see William Pilgrim and the All Grows Up play an acoustic set tonight!

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