Saturday, November 17, 2012

IN-STORE: TODAY Jesse Woods at 4pm!

Now what exactly would it sound like if a greaser had the heart of an indie kid? Well, Jesse Woods is exactly that, a heartfelt sound with soul that really evokes a sense of mystery and wonder only a wandering spirit can truly understand. So what a treat it is for us to have this homegrown Austin songwriter to play a free, in-store acoustic set TODAY at 4pm here at your very own OV!

His most recent LP Get Your Burdens Lifted, alongside his earlier album Moon Rocks and a self-titled release, released under Guns in the Sun, are a blend of folk-driven, indie and garage rock sounds, with a simplicity of sound that help ground in an appreciation for his cosmic lyricism and a dreamy landscape of melodic sounds. 

Check out his song Danger in the Dance Hall off of the latest EP Moon Rocks and come out tomorrow at 4pm to see Jesse Woods live! Click here to RSVP to the event:

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