Saturday, November 10, 2012

TONIGHT: Sunbeam Rd. in-store 7pm!

Ohhhh have you ever seen a vinyl that pretty? Just imagine how the band sounds! WELL ya don't have to imagine because Sunbeam Rd. is playing in the flesh at Origami Vinyl tonight at 7pm!

This Bay Area band creates "a tense and expansive sound via psychedelic guitars, purposeful melodies, and restraint. Willing to fall apart completely exploring the margins of harmonic rock, their live shows can toe the edge of cacophony. At their best they reach into hook-laden, fuzz-saturated trance states." With the new release of their debut LP Breathers, you can bet your bottom dollar Sunbeam Rd. will be at their best tonight! Get frisky with "Pro Wave Rider" and roll by to celebrate the release of Breathers with these experimental/psych/pop homies.

Why not shout from the rooftops to all your Facebook homies that you're coming to watch Sunbeam Rd. at OV at 7pm with this Facebook event.

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