Saturday, November 3, 2012

TONIGHT: Black Flamingo in-store 7pm!

Some things in life are black and white ... like that flyer up there ... and our intense love for Black Flamingo! They'll be playing a free in-store show TONIGHT at 7pm and we want to see your beautiful face here!

Black Flamingo is a local act that makes "music that doesn't define itself, or us, but serves as a release of all of our demons and angels. We don't draw upon our influences, but let them hang in the air as inspiration."  Dig this sample of "Proud Head" off Black Flamingo's 7" split with Pilot Kidz below. It's a feel good melody reminiscent of the larger-than-life vocal layering of early 60s, but sad in the awesome way the soundtrack for an epic goth party on the beach should be.

This particular performance is not to be missed because tonight is Black Flamingo's last show with Kimi Recor. Come on down tonight for some new songs, t'werked old songs, and heavy heavy rock outs as we all have a last blast full of high fives and good vibes!! See you at 7pm.

Black Flamingo - Proud Head by OrigamiVinyl

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