Sunday, November 25, 2012

TONIGHT 11/25: Circuit des Yeux in store 7pm

Come on down to Origami tonight at 7pm to hear the hypnotizing experimental sounds of Circuit des Yeux!

Circuit des Yeux (Magnetic South) is the musical endeavor of 22 year old Indiana native Haley Fohr. Fohr has been making music under the moniker Circuit des Yeux for three years now, but her career as a musician spans back to her days as a child where she studied the classics. By her teenage years she taught herself how to play guitar while also taking vocal lessons, and it was during this time that she became consumed with the blues and punk rock. Her music "...accesses the core of the blues, channeling currents of pain and awareness through punk’s transits of honesty and directness with her deep, multihued voice and unwavering expression."

If I haven't convinced you to come down to the shop tonight , then take a listen to "Helen, You Bitch" off of her upcoming 10" "CDY3," and get convinced.

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