Friday, July 19, 2013

7/21: Gogol Bordello "Pura Vida Conspiracy" Premiere Party @ 8pm

We're stoked to be hosting a premiere party for Gogol Bordello's new record 'Pura Vida Conspiracy'! Come down to the shop Sunday night (7/21) at 8:00 p.m. for free pizza and drinks. You will also be able to pre order the album and get some goodies included with purchase! (Details on those goodies are still TBA).

Here's what had to say about 'Pura Vida Conspiracy':

"With their fifth EP, the eight-piece Ukraine/Manhattan bred rockers have kept their raucous politico-punk sound as fresh as ever. Gypsy punk may sound like a niche, but in reality Gogol Bordello's sound owes much more to Eastern European folk. The appeal of Gogol is their ability to take the folk style of their fore fathers and inject it with a vitality and urgency that goes way beyond giving it 'a modern twist'. Their story-weaving abilities sound all the more authentic delivered in lead singer Eugene Hutz's thundering baritone. Recalling The Clash at their most outrageous, Flogging Molly at their most anthemic and Madness at, well, their maddest, Gogol Bordello have a knack for making their intricate style seem effortless, and above all, ridiculously fun. I mean, just look at tracks like Lost Innocent World, instantly catchy but more impressive with each listen."

Sounds awesome, right!? It's going to be rad. Hope to see you on Sunday! 

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