Saturday, July 20, 2013

TONIGHT: Kera & The Lesbians In-Store @ 7PM

Come out to OV at 7pm to enjoy the "bipolar folk" - as they describe themselves - that is Kera and the Lesbians!

All the way from sunny San Diego, this five-piece band of folksy fury creates pretty freakin' awesome tunes. Their music is a beautifully messy amalgamation of gypsy-folk and garage, utilizing lyrics encompassing friendship, insanity, ill-fated love, and - in their newest single "NAILBITER" - anxiety. "NAILBITER" is a manic expression of their bipolar folk, inspired by the lost and devastated souls wandering around the LA streets. I'm addicted to it, especially that powerfully lonesome trumpet. It gives me goosebumps in all the right ways.

Check out the artistic music video for "NAILBITER" all ready for your viewing pleasure. Get seduced by their sound, and come down to OV tonight at 7pm to catch 'em live!

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