Thursday, July 25, 2013

UPDATE: *SOLD OUT* Pre-Order Franz Ferdinand & Get A Free Ticket To A Private Show!

Franz Ferdinand are BACK! Their new album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, drops on August 27th via Domino Records but you can start pre-ordering the album from us on July 26th @ noon! Plus the first 100 (maybe more) people who purchase the album from us will get a FREE ticket to their show at The Echoplex on July 30th! Tickets will not be for sale for this show and the only way to get in is to either pre-order the album from us or our buddies in Long Beach, Fingerprints. The band will also hold an RSVP lottery starting at 3pm tomorrow for the remaining tickets.

Pre-sale begins at NOON on July 26th here at OV. One purchase gets you one ticket. You may purchase up to two copies. We will have both the LP ($20) and the Deluxe CD ($17) available for Pre-order.


Start lining up...

Update: (4:36PM)
We're sold out of the tickets, folks! But, you can still preorder their new album sans tickets. Thanks for everyone who came out to the store and waited in line! We hope you enjoy the show!

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