Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gogol Bordello Premiere Party 8PM!

It's time to par-tay with yet another premiere. Tonight, we will be premiering Gogol Bordello's new album Pura Vida Conspiracy at 8pm with supes yummy pizza, festive beverages, and other goodies for ya'll! And, it's free!

The internationally renowned gypsy-punk-rock band is back with their sixth full length album Pura Vida Conspiracy, and we could not be more excited! From their two released songs from the album -"Malandrino" and "Lost Innocent World" - it sounds like we're in for a freakin' awesome ride of that gyp-rock we love so much; seriously, this stuff is addictively catchy.

Check out "Malandrino" yourself and come out to the shop tonight for some yummy 'zza, gypsy punk, and lots of other goodies, not to mention awesome people!

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