Saturday, July 6, 2013

Quiet Company In-Store Tonight @ 7PM!!!

We are lucky enough to have indie rockers Quiet Company in-store tonight at 7pm to impress us with their indie-rock-power pop! (Sounds like an interesting combination, right? Well, they freakin' own it.) 

Formed in 2005 by frontman/multi-instrumentalist Taylor Muse, Quiet Company released their first album Shine Honesty to mad praise. The five-piece band comprised of Muse, Thomas Blank (multi-instrumentalist), Matt Parmenter (bass/vocals/piano), Jef Weathers (drums), and Cody Ackors (trombone) have been busy releasin' albums and EPs ever since.

Their sound, lyrics, and ideologies have evolved over time and the long laundry list of music they've produced: their second album Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon in 2009, Songs For Staying In EP in 2010, their third album We Are All Where We Belong in 2011, their Christmas EP Winter Is Coming - GoT fans should be chuckling -, and a re-release, A Dead Man On My Back: Shine Honesty Revisited. Their sound is dance-rock with brass that transcends it to a whole new level.

Listen to their hit "You, Me & The Boatman" - which you may recognize from the PGA Tour ad campaign. And, come check 'em out live in our loft tonight at 7pm!

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