Monday, July 1, 2013

OV Presents HOTT MT's July Monday Rezzie @ The Echo!

Last year we put out the incredibly awesome collab 7" from HOTT MT and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. Since then the band has released their new EP on Manimal Records, worked on a Stone Roses cover album with The Flaming Lips, and have played numerous shows across the universe including opening for the Lips on their World Record breaking most shows in 24 hours spanning different cities. The band finally gets their due at The Echo with their monthlong Monday night rezzie at The Echo. Neil's been speaking to the band and they are making crazy props and ensuring each Monday night will be a different showcase of the bizarre and odd. If you want to get weird, then Monday nights should be spent with HOTT MT for the next month. You'll walk away a little different then walked in that's for sure. Neil will be DJing the first night, July 1st. 

Here are the deets:
OV + Filter Magazine Present HOTT MT's July Monday Night Rezzie @ The Echo | 1822 W. Sunset Blvd
Doors 8:30pm | 21+ | FREE

July 1st :: HOTT MT, Cotillon, Jeans Wilder, and DJ Neil Schield
July 8th :: HOTT MT, Oh Boy Les Mecs, Tapioca & The Flea, and Gazoota
July 15th :: HOTT MT, Soft Metals (DJ Set), Dark Furs, and Fever The Ghost
July 22nd :: HOTT MT, Gothic Tropic, VUM, and DJ D.M. Collins (LA Record)

Check out HOTT MT's crazy new video for "YKWYR" below....don't be scurred.

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