Friday, July 5, 2013

TONIGHT: Slow Mover In-Store @ 7PM!

I hope ya'll had a sweet time celebrating 'murica yesterday. Why not continue that celebration and come into OV tonight for some freakin' sick rock n' roll with Slow Mover at 7pm?!

This four-piece stoner-rock band came together in 2011 and released their self-titled album soon after. If you're looking for a description of their sound, a crudely concise one can be found on their Bandcamp: "it's like These Arms Are Snakes got drunk and f*cked Isis circa Oceanic album and the resulting baby was birthed to Led Zeppelin covers done by Cave In/Old Man Gloom." Heh, I'm not quite sure if it's a listener's description or of their own invention; either way, it's hilariously on-point.

So, what're ya waitin' for?! Come down to OV tonight at 7pm and work off that post-'murica-day hangover with Slow Mover! For now, enjoy "Jefferson Combine" off their self-titled album.

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