Sunday, September 29, 2013

10/1: OV Presents Phosphorescent @ El Rey

You know, it might just be me, but Phosphorescent is really hard to spell. There's just too many silent sounds going on and I thought I was done trying to spell elements in high school. Good thing my ineptitude at spelling didn't keep me away, as under Phosphorescent, indie country songwriter Matthew Houck has recorded some of the best alt-country around today.

Ever since his revelatory record A Hundred Times or More in 2003, Matthew has put out album after album of songs that toe the line between neo-folk and traditional country, creating a sound that really can only be described as Americana. With his new album, Muchacho, Matthew both embraces his traditional Americana sound and pushes it in new directions, incorporating more electronic textures and instrumentation that recall early Animal Collective or the more adventurous sounds of Will Oldham. Winning critical praise across the board, Matthew has taken Muchacho on tour and will be performing at the El Rey this Tuesday at 9PM!

Advance tickets are on sale at Origami for $22 and are almost sold out, so come on by and pick up your tickets ASAP! For more information about the show click here and take a listen to the Muchacho's lead single "Song for Zula" below in preparation for a night of kickass music!

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