Friday, September 6, 2013

9/9: Man Man "On Oni Pond" Premiere Party

Man, aren't you excited for the new Man Man album On Oni Pond? We are, too! Which, is exactly why we're premiering it this Monday, the day before the album is officially released. Come out to our party to get a first listen before anyone else and enjoy the company of other fans in the ambience of our humble abode, free pizza, and delicious beverages.

ANTI-, the label releasing the new album, had this to say: "The band's latest features an arresting reconstruction of Man Man’s visionary sound – stripped to its core and rebuilt as something new and compelling yet still very much Man Man. This marked shift is a direct result of an intensive collaboration between the band's frontman, Honus Honus, and drummer Pow Pow, who has assumed a new-found prominence in the songwriting process, bringing an exhilarating array of new rhythmic ideas to the mix. “With this album we got to do something that very few bands or creative people get to do which is a reboot, and one that feels natural,”

And, in a press release announcing the new album, Honus calls it “a strange and beautiful album” but goes on to assure that it’s also “head on and fearless.” Speaking of going "head on," check out Man Man's first single off the new album by the same name, and come out this Monday for a first listen amongst awesome people and delicious food & drink. 

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