Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Yup, after months and months and months of long hours and hard work, we're so stoked to release our online shop into the wild! Here is is guys: http://onlineshop.origamiorigami.com. It's been a long time coming and we can't tell you dudes how thrilled we are that this monstrous project with its countless obstacles has been tamed. Woo, high fives all round!

A huge reason why Neil, Emily, Sean, Simone and Christine are so excited about our online store is we can finally share Origami Vinyl with those of you who have not been able to come by our Sunset Blvd. abode! We are so proud to bring our little 400-square-foot shop to everyone and finally share how we've built the online shop with the same caring love, labor, and detail that you'll find in our brick and mortar shop. At long last, we are all psyched to connect with vinyl lovers worldwide. And for you local folk, OV offers free in-store pick up of your online order!

We all know how much joy buying and opening a new record brings, so we treat every online order like a present from us to you! Without giving away the surprise, let's just say it can feel like your birthday more than once a year ;)

Here are some cool features to note:
  • What's New: Here you'll find the latest releases in our shop. This week's new releases are numbered at the top of the section, and previous week's new gems are found alphabetically below. What's New is updated every Tuesday at midnight (EST) to include those sought-after new releases, so check in frequently to get yo fresh fix.
  • Top Sellers: Top Sellers features what's selling like hot cakes in our shop and online. We update this section weekly. 
  • LA Based Artists: Probably our favorite section, LA Based Artists features local bands all listed alphabetically. We've numbered some of our fave and top-selling local artists at the beginning of the section. Support our homies!
  • OV Swag: Here is where you'll find all things Origami Vinyl. From t-shirts to buttons,  slipmats to stickers, we have it all. Get yo gear to rep OV!
  • On Sale: Occasionally we mark down some records. Take advantage of this rare occasion with our On Sale section.
  • USED: Our used section is updated almost daily to include all the new used goodies we get in the shop. Keep your eyes open, this stuff goes quickly! You can search by LP, 12", 10", and 7". 
  • OV Faves: In the shop Neil, Emily, Sean, Simone, and Christine all have our faves section. Naturally, we wanted to bring this cool feature of the shop to the online experience. Our OV Faves section features what we're vibing on, including current, local, and all-time greats! Don't forget to check out to our monthly Spotify playlist to hear a collection of what we're into. 
You can also browse what else we have in stock by LP, 12", 10", or 7". Cartridges, awesome Eskuche headphones, sleeves, and more are available through our online shop too! 

Our FAQ is a great place to further your acquaintance with how our online shop works. We are still in the early stages of development and we're adding more products daily so if you have any feedback, suggestions, comments, high fives, please let us know!

Here is where the magic happens: 

**We're currently working on platforms for mobile and tablet, stay tuned!**

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