Tuesday, September 3, 2013

TONIGHT: Shellshag In-Store @ 7PM!

We've got the freakin' sick band-couple Shellshag in-store tonight at 7pm to rock us with their DIY flare.

Comprised of Jen Shag and John Shell, Shellshag has been dominating the DIY-punk scene for nearly ten years. The two met at a multi-purpose/DIY warehouse called Starcleaner Jen and some of her friends were running; they became close friends, constantly fighting the urge to become a couple before finally relenting. And, well, one of the products of their partnership was Shellshag, an iconic DIY band known for their Y shaped microphone set-up and Jen's bell belt. Their sound is infectious and candidly sincere; and, we're lucky to have them in store tonight.

Check out their catchy track "Driving Song," and come out tonight at 7pm to witness them for yourself!

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