Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oh baby! Look at these sweet sweet new releases!

Sebadoh "Defend Yourself" --GET IT!

Bill Callahan "Dream River" --GET IT!

Braids "Flourish//Perish" --GET IT!

Crystal Stilts "Nature Noir" --GET IT!

Islands “Ski Mask” --GET IT!

Aisha Burns “Life In The Midwater” --GET IT!
Carol Kleyn “Return Of The Silkie” (Reissue) --GET IT!
Centaura “Lawdy Lawdy Lawd” --GET IT!
Chelsea Wolfe “Pain Is Beauty” --GET IT!
Chvrches "The Bones Of What You Believe" Bootleg Limited Edition --GET IT!
Clark “Feast/Beast” --GET IT!
Nightmares On Wax "Feelin' Good" --GET IT!
Forest Swords “Engravings” --GET IT!
Fort Romeau “Stay/True EP” --GET IT!
Gap Dream “Shine Your Love” 7” --GET IT!
Johnathan Rice “Good Graces” --GET IT!
King Gheedorah “Take Me To Your Leader” --GET IT!
Lake “The World Is Real” --GET IT!
Mark Lanegan “Imitations” --GET IT!
Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex “The Hildereth Tapes” --GET IT!
Sun Araw “On Patrol” --GET IT!
The Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group “S/T” --GET IT!
The Get Up Kids “On A Wire” --GET IT!
The Magik Markers “Ice Skater” 7” --GET IT!
The Sea & The Cake “Flores” Flexi 7” --GET IT!
Unwound “Kid Is Gone” Box Set --GET IT!
Why? “Golden Tickets” 10” --GET IT!

Wymond Miles “Passion Plays” 7” --GET IT!

and more

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