Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Yip Deceiver In-Store Tonight @ 7PM!

Come out tonight to check out the dance-electro duo Yip Deceiver in our loft tonight at 7pm!

Athen, GA's Yip Deceiver is a tag-team all-analog dance duo of Davey and Dobby, who's sexy-yet-fun songs can't get you to stop hitting the dance floor. Their debut album Medallius came out a week ago and delivers 11 tracks of their ridiculously addictive beats. “Medallius is an attitude and a lifestyle,” Dobby says of the philosophy of their made-up title. “Medallius is always keeping an elegant attitude regardless of how trashy a situation is.”

Their first single "Get Strict" is hard to get out of your head and already queued up for your listening pleasure. Check it out, and come down to OV at 7pm tonight to dance to their tunes live!

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