Thursday, September 12, 2013

yOya In-Store Tonight @ 7pm!

We have folk-electro-pop duo yOya in our loft to help us come alive to the sweet sound of their music tonight at 7pm!

Alex Pfender (guitars/vocals) and Noah Dietterich (keyboards/vocals) have been bandmates from an early age, growing up in  quiet, rainy Corvallis, Oregon. After the two moved to Cali to study music, they were exposed to the LA electronic scene. Their folky roots merged with their new environment to create a sound uniquely their own featuring a flurry of falsetto, intricate harmonies - mostly in falsetto -, and ridiculously catchy beats.

The Five Three Six was on point, when they reviewed the band: " God, there is something so refreshing about a band you can just listen to and know that they are good… They are electronic enough to avoid too many comparisons to Simon & Garfunkel and just folky enough to prove that their band doesn’t exist because of a computer. It’s catchy, well written and recorded and easy to listen to: what’s not to love?"

We've got "Come Alive" queued up for those of you who haven't heard 'em before, but it comes with a warning: this song - as well as all their others - is insanely catchy. One does not simply stop listening. Be forewarned, and come jam to them in person here at OV tonight at 7pm!

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