Friday, August 3, 2012

SATURDAY: Blonde Summer "Slow Daze" Release Party 7 pm!

If surf rock had a summer baby with effervescent indie-pop, and that baby was born and raised in the California sun, every time it opened its mouth you'd hear Blonde Summer. Come to OV SATURDAY NIGHT to hear that imaginary baby sing in the form of a free celebratory in-store show for the new release of Slow Daze!

Buzz Bands said Blonde Summer is "a radiant blast of indie-rock done in the '90's way - with sharp vocals, insistent rhythms and churning guitars, all slathered in irresistible hooks ... just the way we like it."

And like it you shall at 7 pm Saturday night! Until then, click 'n groove to "Slow Days Fast Company" all day long. 

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