Monday, August 6, 2012

TONIGHT: In-store w/ Husky @ 7pm!

Nestled in between fluffy dogs and slyly insulting adjectives, Husky has been Australia's best kept secret. But we don't want to keep secrets from you anymore, so come to OV tonight to see them perform in our loft at 7pm!

The cat's been outta the bag ever since Sub Pop released Husky's album, Forever So in early July. The album is a culmination of the four-piece's indolent folk inspirations, which guitarist Husky Gawenda says recalls as "times gone by, dreams, and people who are no longer in your life but still exist in your memory."

Ride Husky's "Tidal Wave" into the store tonight at 7 pm. And why not stay for the Antibalas listening party at 8 pm!

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