Friday, August 24, 2012

UPDATE: CANCELLED! In-store w/ Dime Runner


Ears can be so needy sometimes- I wanna hear this, I don't like that, ahh that siren going down Sunset is too loud, wah wah wah. Swoop by OV tonight to make those ears shut up as they listen to Dime Runner play in-store at 7 pm!

On the go since 2010, Dime Runner hails straight outta the OC with a high-energy punk rock garage sound. "Dime Runner is part of the Post Punk Revival movement and armed with a distinct sound and personality." It's been a busy year for them; they released It's an Emergency 7" on Black Vinyl Limited earlier this year, then their Recharged Rejects EP on European label, Wanda Records, and a full-length is in the works!

 Listen to their track "Recharged Rejects" below and come join the fun at 7 pm tonight, amigos!

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