Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TONIGHT: In-store w/ Western Scene

It was a scorching afternoon. I visited  Western Scene's webpage and clicked on the bio tab. "Two hombres met at a cactus and cut it down for some tacos... " Sounds good to me! Equally as refreshing as cactus tacos, tonight Western Scene is performing for all in our loft at 7 pm!

Western Scene formed in 2011 by good friends Tom Pritchard and Jason Burkhart (Kenan Bell), who both played in bands prior to this fusion. Since then they've been working in Echo Park with Hugo Nicolson (Radiohead, Primal Scream) to record their debut album, which is full of perfect day-to-night jams. The beat is dancy and upbeat but the vocals and harmonies are light and kind of airy. Catchy indie-pop suitable for any hour!

Check out the event through Facebook so you can share it with your mom or that one friend who keeps posting pictures of his/her baby.

Get "Listening" below and catch ya when the little hand is on 7!

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