Monday, August 27, 2012

6 PM TONIGHT: Double Dose In-store w/ Weed + Babysitter!

Two of the most difficult bands to search on the internet, Weed & Babysitter, are playing in-store tonight 6 pm! They are reppin' British Columbia so show em some tour love as you see the two bands play for free.

Weed is a heavy, grungy, sludgy pop band from Vancouver BC. They have released two 7"s on indie label Cruising USA. The latest, Gun Control EP, came out mid May of this year and includes four uniquely cool, disoriented and grimey rock songs. Check out "Tie To Everything You Own" below.

Babysitter keeps the Canadian flowin' with their spazzy and fun punk rock sound that pins the listener and playing band in a competition of who can have the most fun. This band probably get's no sleep. Since forming in the fall of 2010, Babysitter has released twelve tapes and two 7"s, all while maintaining a heavy touring schedule and working on a debut LP.  They experiment with every sound under the umbrella of punk rock, and they stay rad while doin' it. Listen to "Holiday" off their split 7" with Korean Gut on Student Loan Records right here.

Hey, why not stick around for the Dan Deacon listening party at 8? Monday night is an OV hat trick. It all starts at 6. Seeee yaaa!

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