Thursday, August 2, 2012

TONIGHT: In-store w/ Man Your Horse 7 pm

What's that, you hate math? Forget all that timesing and minusing and whatever stuff, fool. You'll love math by the time "math-rock" band Man Your Horse is done playing loud and fast for all to hear tonight at 7 pm!

Their EP, Shorts, is a tornado of funky spitting riffs swirling around a strong backbone of percussion. Whoa, then a crazy vocal bit comes outta nowhere! My foot won't stop tapping as I listen while writing this (listen to their song "Freedom for Hours" below to get this tapping effect for yourself).

Man Your Horse's biography describes the holistic feel of this two piece as: "Combining drums and guitar into a vision all their own, they encourage you to mount what moves you and ride like the wind."
See you tonight at 7 pm as we ride together!

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