Thursday, August 23, 2012

TONIGHT: In-store Record Release w/ Emerson Star 7 pm!

Emerson Star (not to be mistaken with that weird home-schooled kid you knew growing up) is a rad band made up of three childhood friends from Burbank. OV is stoked to have these guys play in-store tonight at 7 pm and celebrate the release of their debut 7" by Bellwhether Record Company!

You'd be a fool to miss a band that has this description: "If the 1990s had an illegitimate love child with the 1960s, Emerson Star would probably be friends with that baby." Wouldn't we all like to be friends with that baby?!

Swing by at 7 pm for some great live tunes, cool new friends, and endless high-fives. Until then, see how many times you can listen to Emerson Star's "Pot Shots".

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