Friday, August 3, 2012

TONIGHT: DJ Neil @ the Real Estate show!!

It's Friday night. Here is your to-do list: finish work, mellow out, throw back a few drinks, and cruise into the weekend as DJ Neil strikes again TONIGHT at the Real Estate Show at The Fonda Theatre!

Real Estate is sure to provide "a gorgeous suite of timelessly melodic, achingly melancholy pop songs" that, in combination with Neil's DJ set, will blow your mind tonight!

Goldenvoice, KCRW & Oh My Rockness present Real Estate with Sun Araw, Melted Toys, and DJ Neil Schield
Fonda Theatre in Hollywood
Show @9, Doors @ 8
Tickets $20 + service charge

You can buy them at Origami until 3 pm today ($22 CASH ONLY), online here, or at the door.

Trust Neil to spin what your wild heart wants to hear. Listen to Real Estate's "Easy" right here & hope to see your beautiful face tonight!


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