Friday, August 17, 2012

TONIGHT: Back to Back In-store w/ Ugly Winner (6pm) & Spaceships (7pm) !!

You can always count on Origami Vinyl in-stores to be free and awesome, but tonight we're giving you all you could ever want with back-to-back in-stores with Ugly Winner at 6pm then Spaceships at 7 pm!!

San Jose-based Ugly Winner released their second full-length, Inside Your Wave, on July 21. You'd never guess it was recorded at home because it's punk that sounds polished clean without compromising the band's rough energy. Experiencing these dudes live is a must!

Theee party doesn't stop there - at 7 pm Spaceships plays in the loft as we celebrate the release of their 7"! While Jessie Waite and Kevin LaRose may "write songs about life, mountains, and also other things like death and working," they aren't your run-of-the-mill songs. Spaceships brings a distorted lo-fi sweetness to these common things with a bedroom-garage style with deeper emotions cleverly weaved in.

Don't be fashionably late for your double date with Ugly Winner and Spaceships tonight, the fun starts at 6 pm! And in true fairy tale fashion, this blog post is complete with a happy ending - "Fret One (Grow Old)" by Ugly Winner AND "inTheSun" by Spaceships.

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