Monday, October 21, 2013

10/21: OV Presents Haunted Summer's Residency @ The Echo + Spirit Vine's Residency @ The Satellite

We've got two great options for you this month!  OV is presenting Haunted Summer at The Echo AND Spirit Vine at The Satellite every Monday in October!  More information can be found below.

<><><>Haunted Summer<><><
Otik Records and Origami Vinyl present October 21st @ Echo:

Tenlons Fort 9pm
White Dove 10pm
Haunted Summer 11pm
Northern Youth 12am
DJ Otik Bot
Click here for the Facebook event

The Deli Magazine & Origami Vinyl present October 28th @ Echo:

Dræmings 9pm
Touché 10pm
Haunted Summer 11pm
De Lux 12am
KCRW DJ Valida
Click here for the Facebook event

<><><>Spirit Vine<><><>

Origami, LA RECORD, Manimal, Buddyhead and Dirty Laundry TV present:

October 21st @ The Satellite:

Guy Blakeslee (Entrance Band) solo
Fever the Ghost
Spirit Vine
Gateway Drugs
Beach Party covering Hole, Nirvava and much more
DJ Greg Foreman (Delta 72, Cat Power) and Carlos Colon (Month of Macabre)

October 28th @ The Satellite

Spirit Vine
DJ Don Bolles (The Germs, Fancy Space People) and Paul Beahan (Manimal Vinyl)

Check out videos from Haunted Summer and Spirit Vine below! We hope to see you this month at The Echo or The Satellite!

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