Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10/27: Premiere Party For Midlake's 'Antiphon' @ 8pm!

Join us this Sunday as we premiere Midlake's new album Antiphon, which will be released on November 5th through ATO Records.

Here's what ATO had to say about the album:

"An antiphon is a call-and-response style of singing, from Gregorian chants to sea shanties. In the case of Denton, Texas’ favorite sons Midlake, it’s the perfect title for a bold response to a new phase in the band’s illustrious career, with a re-jigged line-up and a newly honed sound as rich and symphonic as it is dynamic and kaleidoscopic.

Anyone who knows Midlake’s preceding albums will recognize some constituent parts of Antiphon: the quirky psychedelia of 2004 debut Bamnan and Slivercork, the ‘70s soft-rock strains of breakthrough album The Trials Of Van Occupanther and the Brit-folk infusion of 2010’s The Courage Of Others. But their fourth album is another fascinating departure, but also a logical progression. The sound is simultaneously familiar and changed.

“It’s always through the scope of Midlake,” says vocalist/guitarist Eric Pulido, “but on Antiphon we wanted to embrace the psychedelia, style and nuance you might hear in bands from yesteryear while also being aware of music influences leading up to and present now.  The result was less folk and more rock. Less nostalgic and more progressive. Now the sky’s the limit.”"

Sounds awesome, doesn't it? To make the premiere even more special, we will be selling some rare Midlake bootlegs, handing out Midlake t-shirts and coolest of all, giving away a signed test pressing of the new record! So come on by the shop and get the chance to listen to Antiphon before anyone else! The festivities will start at 8pm and, as always, there will be free pizza and beverages provided. It's going to be a great time!

Check out the track "Provider" off of the new record and we'll see you Sunday!

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