Sunday, October 27, 2013

TONIGHT: Love Inks In-Store @ 7PM!

Tonight we have Love Inks performing in our loft at 7PM!

Branding themselves as "minimalist pop," Love Inks toes the line between chill-wave and surf-rock, sounding somewhere between Summer Camp's nostalgia overload and the poppier moments of a Those Darlins album. Featuring chiming guitars and slinky vocals from lead singer Sherry LeBlanc, their new album Generation Club is a perfect slice of indie pop that seems tailor made to hit every pleasure sensor in your brain. And since we at Origami are hedonists at heart, we're giving you the opportunity to see them perform live tonight at 7PM in our loft!

If pleasure-pop isn't enough of a description to get you down here tonight, give a listen to the lead single "Outta Sight" off their new album Generation Club below and then we'll certainly see you tonight at 7PM!

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